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Truck Liners

Johnny’s Collision is proud to provide, Speedliner, the world’s toughest spray bed liners.

Unparalled Strength

SPEEDLINER 1000 is the world’s toughest spray-on liner.  Independent laboratory tests show SPEEDLINER 1000 to be 80 percent stronger than it’s competitors.  With a SPEEDLINER 1000 bed liner, your truck can withstand nearly twice the abuse of the other bed liners.


SPEEDLINER 1000 can be installed with high tech fiber of Kevlar, the same product our military uses in their bullet resistant vests and armored vehicles.  Kevlar helps provide extraordinary tear resistance, allowing you to work your trucker harder without damage.  you cannot get the Kevlar option with any other bed liner.

Protects from Corrosion

The air-tight, contour fit permanently seals and guards your truck bed from dirt, water and chemicals that cause rust and corrosion under drop-in beds.

Quieter Ride

SPEEDLINER 1000 quiets rattles and squeaks by dampening vibrations originating from the bed of the truck.  This dampening effect gives the driver and passengers a quieter ride.

Non-Slip Surface

SPEEDLINER 1000’s unique textured surface keeps your cargo from slipping and sliding.  You’ll have the peace and satisfaction of knowing that SPEEDLINER 1000’s non-slip surface prevents damage to both your truck’s bed and it’s contents.

Maximum UV Protection

SPEEDLINER 1000 offers the most UV protection available.  This means your vehicle’s bed will keep it’s quality color over time and will not fade or “chalk” like other bed liners

Quality Automotive Colors

SPEEDLINER 1000 offers a variety of high-quality automotive colors to complement the color of your truck.  Choose one of our 18 standard colors or create your own custom color.

Colors include:

  • White
  • Dove Grey
  • Medium Grey
  • Charcoal Grey
  • Black
  • Medium Green
  • Camo Green
  • Emerald Green
  • Dark Green
  • Medium Blue
  • Petrol Blue
  • Indigo Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Yellow
  • Oranage
  • Red
  • Garnet Red
  • Camo Brown

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